Apr 15, 2011

Romantic Times Book Convention

RT Teen Day <3 April 9, 2011

Melissa de la Cruz; LOVE her BB series!

Richelle Mead signing my copies of Vampire Academy
This past Saturday was the Annual RT Book Convention in Los Angeles. After the book fair and the book signings RT was hosting a new event; Teen Day. There were many activities going on, some at the same time, so you had to choose where you wanted to go. My cousin and I attended-

Author Speed-dating: During this event all authors would sit at a table and had 5 mins to talk to us about anything they wanted (book related or not), answer questions, take pictures or hand out swag. At our table, we got to meet SO many awesome authors;

Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry)
Ally Carter (Heist Society)
Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy)
Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder)
Kami Garcia (Caster Chronicles)
Margaret Stohl (Caster Chronicles)
Jeri Smith-Ready (Shade)
Michele Jaffe (Rosebush)
Sophie Jordan (Firelight)
Rachel Vincent (Soul Screamers)
Kelley Armstrong (The Gathering)
Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth)
Alyson Noel (The Immortals)
Clare B. Dunkle (The House of Dead Maids)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Raised by Wolves)
Jackie Morse Kessler (Hunger and Rage)
Colleen Houck (Tiger's Quest)

Kelley Armstrong
I had SO much fun getting to know all these authors on a more personal level, even if we only had 5 minuets to chat. I was so scared to meet Simone Elkeles, but she is so nice and hilarious! We talked about Alex Rodriguez, the extremely hot guy that plays Alex Fuentes in her book trailers.... That boy is steaming hott! Michele Jaffe is probably one of the most fashionable authors I have ever met (picture below). She had on the cutest pink boots and pink tights. Rachel Vincent seemed very shy at first but then slowly opened up. Jennifer Lynn was just plain out awesome. We spent the majority of the time comparing humans to monkeys :)haha! It was a BLAST!

Kami Garcia, Rachel Vincent and myself
Author Speed-Reading: After Speed-Dating came Speed-Reading. This was a panel of YA authors that read short excerpts in timed readings. Some of these excerpts came from newly released books, others from ARC's. YA Panel;
Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments)
Holly Black (White Cat)
Ann Aguirre (Enclave)
Carrie Ryan (Forest of Hands and Teeth)
Rosemary Clement-Moore (Texas Gothic)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Raised by Wolves)
Kristi Cook (Haven)
Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder)
Sarah Rees Brennan (Demon's Lexicon)
Alyxandra Harvey (Drake Chronicals)

Cassie Clare; I told her to give me an author pose :)
Cassandra Clare read from her new TMI book; CoFA, Jennifer Barnes read from her ARC of Trial by Fire (book #2 in the Raised by Wolves trilogy). This is totally random but during this panel I develpoed a small girl crush on Sarah Rees Brennan. She is super nice, witty, not to mention super smart! She read a bit from Demon's Lexicon and as soon as we left the event, I bought myself a copy :)

Teen Party:
After these two events came the RT Tenn Party which was pretty much a mix and mingle with all the YA authors who were present. Upon entering the vent, each person was given a "Teen swag bag" that was filled with books and goodies. I did a quick video to summarize this part of the evening;

I forgot to mention that besides Farrah, I also met some new bloggers, one of them came all the way from New York! I couldn't believe it!... I'm talking about you Haysel :) Check out our blog; The Tattered Page. And that's ittt!! Like I said, overall I believe RT Book convention was a success! Thanks so much for stopping by! Here are a couple author photos, enjoy :)

The lovely Farrah from ieatwords.net
Tera Lynn Childs

Michele Jaffe and her cute outfit :)

CC Hunter- Born at Mightnight
Aly Carter

Colleen Houck and my cousin

Rachel Caine; can't believe I waited this long to read Morganville Vampires

Kimberly Derting

Melissa Marr

Holly Black
PS. Make sure and stop by next week for a giveaway :) In my Teen bag, I received a couple of books which I already own so I'll be giving them away! Happy Friday and I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!


  1. OMIGOD I am SO jealous that you got Haunting Violet!!! ***swooooon*** :) I got some pretty good stuff too but, man! 8(>_<)8 You lucky girl!

  2. This sounds like it was so much fun! I looove your excitement in your vlog! You're adorable and, gosh, do you have the most gorgeous hair or what?! Looks like you got a bunch of awesome books. Happy reading :)

  3. Wow! Lucky you! I would love to go to something like that but the UK doesn't do much. So glad you had a good time. Donna x

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  5. @read now sleep later- What books did you get? Share your awesomeness with meeee :)

    @Small review- Awww! Thanks so much! My mom says I look like Dora the explorer :)haha!

    @Book Passion for Life- chucks, I'm sorry the UK doesnt have events like this :\ well if your ever in the states, CA to be exact, let me know! We scope out an author event and attend together :)

  6. Ahhhhhh! SO AWESOME! What a fantastic event, it looks like you had such a blast Diana! I definitely need to look into attending more events, I'm missing out on all the fun!

  7. *SQUEE!!!* I am sooo jealous you got to meet Kelley Armstrong (my favorite author ever!!!) and Cassandra Clare!!! AHHH!! I wish they had author events here in Montreal... I'm happy you had a great time! Thank you for sharing!

  8. It sounds like you had a super amazing time! I love all the pictures :D
    And the idea of speed-dating the authors seems like loads of fun!

  9. So cool! It's weird to put the face to the author, they all seem like super mysterious famous people to me :P
    You need to read Morganville Vampires! They're super entertaining, and you'll get a crush on Shane AND Michael ;D

  10. Whoa!! You got to speak to them?? That would be AMAZING! All authors seem like stars and famous people to me... so I cannot fathom how awesome that would have been. Thanx for sharing your experience! I really enjoyed reading about it :)

  11. *I interrupt my previous thoughts to say:*
    OH MY GOSH! I can't believe you got WOLFSBANE, and TIGER'S CURSE! I'm so jealous! :)

    Anyway, I'm glad you and your cousin got to go to the convention! It looks like it was lots of fun!

  12. Diana!

    Amazing, Amazing photos! I am super jelly and totally wish I could have been there. Looks like you had a fabulous time.

    Sooooo cool!

  13. You are SO SO lucky!!!!!! I have only met Colleen Houck out all of these amazing authors, she is so nice(:

  14. OMG You've met Richelle Mead !! I'm so jealous right now !! The Vampire Academy series is ma favorite series ever .. =( !!
    You must have had an awesome time there with all these amazing authors .. =)

  15. How fun!
    Oh my gosh, you are so lucky getting to meet all those authors. It looks like a really awesome time.
    And I am so jealous that you got Wolfsbane. Hope you enjoy the rest of Nightshade and all the the awesome books that you got :D

  16. This sounds like it was an amazing convention. I'll keep this one in mind for next year. I'm so glad you had a great time and got to see so many awesome authors!!

  17. Wow. I am sooo super jealous. Looks like you had an amazing day. Did you recognise the authors like did they have their names out or did you just look what books were on the table lol.

  18. wow so i just watched your video....I almost screamed when you said you got Wolfsbane...especially with that cover!!! That cover is ONLY going to be available for ARCS!!

    and right when I thought I couldn't be more jealous....you said you got Tiger's Quest..OMG I almost passed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have mine pre ordered, but omg your SO lucky..I have gotten a few ARCS, there SO fun to get (: lol

  19. That conference looked awesome! I know of one in my area and I just realized that I am going to see the play wicked when its going to be happening! So sad. I may have to come visit you so I can hit that up next year!

  20. Lord, I'm so incredibly jealous! All those amazing authors--you must have been in heaven!


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